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Linden timber is soft and easily worked, so it is a popular wood for intricate carving and model building. It can be sanded very smooth, and is resistant to warping once seasoned.It is known in the wood trade as basswood, particularly in North America, from the inner fibrous bark of the tree, known as bast (Old English). Basswood is also frequently used as a material for electric guitar bodies, recorders and drum shells. It's the wood most used for window blinds and shutters, since it is lightweight and strong.

Despite the wide selection of shutter window treatment materials in the market today, choosing the perfect form for your home or office does not need to be difficult. With basswood’s traditional, warm, and natural appearance, it becomes extremely easy to decorate around, causing basswood to be the obvious choice for shutters

Real wood


Moisture Resistant: An added benefit of poly shutters is the fact that they are moisture resistant. If you are thinking of installing shutters in an area that is prone to moisture such as a bathroom or kitchen area, it might be a good idea to consider poly shutters as they will never expand or warp due to moisture.Energy Efficient: Shutters can block out harmful UV Rays and sunlight, however, Poly is shown to be 70% more efficient than other window treatmetns. Durability: Poly shutters are sturdy and nearly impossible to break, chip or damage. Poly shutters are made with a special paint finish, so they will never fade or discolor. 


Other benefits of wood include:


  • Extremely versatile

  • Minimal constraints on sizes - panel widths or heights

  • Complements any style and represents timeless beauty and elegance

  • Outlives most types of window treatments

  • Generally unaffected by extreme temperatures

  • Best at insulating because of its valuable thermal qualities

  • Does not bend like plastic

  • Easier to maintain and in the event of a repair, wood is always available & very serviceable

  • Once assembled will maintain its look


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